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Overview – User Adoption & Training

Overview - User Adoption & Training

Under utilisation of voice technology is a concern most IT/Voice teams face when implementing new devices to their users. Often the business justification is to reduce costs and increase productivity with new collaboration tools, this hits a brick wall if the users don’t use (adopt) the technology.

Firefly’s experience and success in this area is unrivalled. We don’t have a boiler-plate, we have a Methodology that is proven. We take time to understand each business, each user and each technology so we can apply our Methodology to achieve the most successful outcome.

  • Define: Listen, Discuss and Understand the business objectives, the technology and the Users to understand the best practice for user adoption. Create the ‘Project Charter’ that defines and satisfies all parties on the approach.
  • Execute: Deliver user training as defined: 1 to 1, groups, clinics, workshops, or virtual training. Monitor acceptance and feedback to ensure progress is on target for delivery and success
  • Reinforce: To support our initial time with the users, we provide additional collateral, mop up sessions or go live support (floor walking). A Firefly Adoption Program ensure the users’ perception of the project and the adoption of the technology is high, using whatever medium works. It is key to delivering the business goals.
  • Measure: Firefly like to extract feedback face to face or via a survey. It is exceptionally useful for our clients but also for Firefly to ensure we meet the objectives. We are believers in continual self improvement to remain focused and dedicated to service excellence.