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Overview – Station Reviews

Overview - Station Reviews

The one thing every customer/vendor states is that the aspect of the project that is under-estimated every time is the Station Reviews/Turret Layouts/Trader Profiles (whatever you know them as). It’s overlooked yet can be a key project marker. First impressions last and if Monday morning the trader can’t find his contacts as the engineer thought a standard template would work, his perception of the project is defined and it won’t be positive.

Traders work in a certain way, any change that is unmanaged can have severe implications from a productivity and user perception perspective. It can cause unnecessary work for the engineering and project teams, leading to delays of sign off and completion.

Firefly have successfully executed this service many times before. We provide an approach that understands the users and the technology. Giving that “White Glove” approach our clients require to deliver a successful project. We allow your engineers and project teams do what they do best whilst Firefly take this defining, yet time consuming task in hand.

  • Define: Interview the Users to understand their existing board, layout, expectations and wish list. It is also key to understand the technology differentiators and understand expectations of all key stake holders.
  • Execute: Layout comparison of old vs. new, Line Audits, Profile/Layout creation directly into the online admin portal or an exportable document (.xls)
  • Reinforce: Re Interview users with new design and make any changes deemed necessary and obtain sign off from the user.
  • Measure: Provide customer satisfaction surveys and assess adoption of the technology overall using analytics and general sentiment.