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Overview – Product Evaluation

Overview - Product Evaluation

When budgets are being reviewed and future projects assessed you need the right partners on hand to support you and lots of careful consideration.

From our experience being able to approach this from all perspectives is extremely useful and will assure you a R.O.I. Firefly have a unique understanding of the trading floor and how the users respond and react to change.

With the right preparation and foundation, everything becomes easier. We have found that by talking to your users it will set the project off on the right foot as by engaging and empowering them day 1 it sets a positive perception from the word go. Often the actual users become a by-product of the change and this never bodes well for the project, nor, and perhaps most importantly, the perception of it.

But by taking the time, listening and understanding what they do and how they do it will ensure your hard fought budgets are spent wisely. We see on average a 25-50% reduction in the need for a full dealing desk which means the more cost effective options can be utilised, saving cost on your overall project.

With the multitude of devices available to suit every need and such a distinct change in the way we communicate and trade it is a daunting task but one that should be seized, as what worked 10 years ago will certainly not be wise today.

Overall, the key is that small upfront investment for this service is paid for day one, that your users are engaged & empowered by having the technology they need to work effectively so adoption and perception of the project is excellent which means again your ROI is assured.

  • Define: Interview the stakeholders from C Level/Senior Management, telecoms/IT teams to understand the business objectives and goals . Establish what the key to success is.
  • Execute: Interview the users to understand their role, how they work, what technology they use and the teams they communicate with. What do they like about the existing technology and what would they like to see next.
  • Reinforce: Create a report to summarise the feedback, taking in the stakeholder’s considerations: common themes, current perception, must haves, like to have & recommendations.
  • Measure: This can be measured once complete to gauge the buy in and report but the real proof is a revisit when the project is complete and the true savings are understood and realised based upon that report.