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Overview – Go Live

Overview - Go Live

GO LIVE for any technology is a big day, it is the realisation of many years work. It’s all been leading to this moment and the anticipation can be very stressful. The ideal situation is that it is a perfectly normal day with a seamless transition to a new technology.

Having Firefly as your right hand partner for adoption projects is like having a comfort blanket, that good friend that sees you through and makes sure it’s all in hand. We have been supporting the implementation and adoption of voice technologies since 2007 so we understand it like no other. It is the final phase for us and depending on our involvement we have experienced very stressful, headless chicken days, but also very enjoyable days with time to drink tea and discuss next steps/next projects.

The right preparation is key to achieve the latter so engaging us to support from the very beginning with our Evaluation Services, Station Reviews and User Training will help you attain this. But like an insurance, having us on the important day with gives your users the reassurance of a trusted partner, on hand to provide mop up training and general support to the project team. If, despite all efforts, technical issues have prevailed then it allows your engineers to do what they do best and focus on the technology and let us deliver the customer interaction in a calm and professional manner.

Whether it’s your dedicated trainer or a whole team of floor walkers, it provides a visible presence and peace of mind that these projects demand. We can be there for Go Live morning, a couple of days or the whole week. We are flexible to support what the daily feedback is on our requirement.

If once the dust has settled a Training Surgery is required a week or a month after Go Live we can ensure your dedicated training specialist is there, a familiar face that is trusted and accepted by the users. Surgeries have been most useful to ensure that the user adoption and perception is maintained. That the benefits of the new technology is realised you see that R.O.I as soon as possible.

Firefly understand the industry and importantly the users, by using our D.E.R.M. Methodology we can face any situation and requirement with understanding and ease so get in touch to see how we can support you.