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User Adoption Programme

User Adoption Programme

Self Service Video Bridging Services, Personal Telepresence and New Adaptive Video Conferencing 

The Brief

Firefly were asked to provide training to support the new Visual collaboration solutions at a Global Investment Bank. The bank were deploying new Adaptive Video Conferencing Solutions to meeting rooms, EX90 Personal Telepresence units to senior executives and were trialling a self service video bridging service. Firefly’s brief was to maximise the “Users” understanding and familiarity of new products and to assist driving user adoption via soft marketing and promotional sessions across the Bank.


Firefly developed a training programme and materials to support usage and adoption, promoting video bridging self service, ease of use and interoperability between a number of video end-points. Firefly’s scope included; video etiquette, training/demonstration scripts, handouts, summary cards, quick ref guides and sustainable video content. Promotional video’s were developed and can be viewed on the client’s internal Video On-demand platform. [similar to an Internal YouTube]

Worked with the banks AV team to plan and prepare sequenced roll out training sessions and support. These were a mix of classroom ‘drop in’ sessions and executive one to one sessions. The sessions were to ensure all users had awareness of the new technology being implemented and the main driver was to primarily reduce operating costs.  


Met the banks need to drive down operational costs, reducing overseas travel.  Worked with Executive’s assistants to make sure they were familiar with the technology and could support their bosses. Over a  six month period, Firefly trained 30 Executives and their assistants, ran 15 workshop sessions and worked with client to run and review usage statistics.  Firefly developed a survey to demonstrate the success of new technology adoption, its ease of use and uptake as a regular communication medium.