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Trader Voice Solution Client Satisfaction Survey

Trader Voice Solution Client Satisfaction Survey

The Brief

Firefly Resources were engaged by a technology provider to conduct an independent user satisfaction survey at  one of the world’s largest interdealer brokers. 

The focus of the survey was to determine client satisfaction with the new turrets that had been implemented and to establish if this technology was the best  fit before taking the decision to upgrade subsequent offices globally.


The survey investigated the overall client satisfaction and benefits derived from the new turrets and focused on nine key topics, which included; use of the turret, the design of the profile, ease of access to programming functions, user’s understanding and knowledge of how to operate the turret, speaker systems, productivity improvements gained by using the turret, capability of the technical support and help desk teams.

Firefly consultants were able to conduct interviews with 92 of the 98 traders, a 93% response rate.


The results of the survey demonstrate that the majority of users are very happy with the ‘new technology, with over 90% responding that the either ‘Agreed’ or’  Strongly Agreed’ that the system was user friendly and that it enabled them to trade in a more effective and efficient manner.