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Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice

Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice

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Multi-national Financial Services firm, 30,000+ employees globally.


Following the initial phase of migration of the user population onto Skype for Business to support conferencing, the final step required was transitioning the users to their “Agile Workspace”, an evolution which involved moving to a new flexible workspace, where each employee is equipped with a laptop, Bluetooth headset, caddy and locker – a very significant cultural and workplace shift – and included free-seating and the removal of traditional telephone. Agile working supports a very collaborative way of doing business and with the right technology, it gives people the ability to work anytime/anywhere. However, careful planning, comprehensive messaging and 360° user adoption are critical components for a successful outcome.


Firefly was asked to develop a plan to provide intensive hands-on User Adoption to approximately 150 “pilot” users to ensure they were comfortable and confident in the use of their headset, laptop and mobile devices via Skype for Business Enterprise Voice.

Firefly developed a customised approach, including the following components:

  1. User Adoption Classroom Session: Hands-On Instructor Led Classroom sessions, creating hands-on real work scenario’s to enable participants to see the possibilities and benefits of the new technology – not simply the challenges;
  2. Floorwalking: Firefly User Adoption specialists, wearing branded tee shirts identifying them as “Skype for Business Champions”, and carrying scripted questions and structured fault sheets, deployed across all locations and worked on a one on one basis with users.  Floorwalkers noted faults, provided instruction and generally provided a positive, open and helpful ear.
  3. Day One+ Support: Firefly User Adoption specialists, at this point familiar and helpful partners to the end users, were present on the Monday and Tuesday of GO LIVE, to assist users through the most challenging transition period.


Firefly trained 117 users, almost 80% of the user community, and helped to allevaite concerns about transitioning away from traditional telephones.

Firefly met the organisational need for a “seamless” pilot program creating a positive runway for all migrations to follow.